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OnLive – Putting Gaming Consoles to Rest!

Steve Perlman, the developer and founder of OnLive is feeling a little pressure. This new technology uses a special decompression algorithm to offer online gamers a stream on-demand video system using the Internet. Unfortunately, while Perlman was able to take his vision and outstanding expertise to develop the most astonishing gaming technology in history, some of the other gaming companies are not so happy. The reason is that OnLive does not require a console, which means PlayStation, Xbox, and other top games that do use consoles could find themselves losing more customers than they dare to imagine.

Interestingly, after OnLive was introduced at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference, the entire room was abuzz. While most people sat there in awe, excited that something so amazing was actually a reality, others had scowls on their face while being full of skepticism. However, the controversy that continues to make the news around the world seems more like panic from other gaming companies that now realize they are in big trouble.

Because video streaming is made possible using off-site servers housed in data centers, this means that as never before, gamers will be able to access OnLive from these servers as far as 1,500 miles away, meaning running games from a personal computer or Macintosh is not longer needed. Again, this puts yet another twist on the upcoming launch of OnLive with competitors scrambling to better understand this technology and determine just how hard it is going to hit.

While the pricing structure for using OnLive has not been completed, gamers can be certain it will be cost efficient and once signed up as a subscriber, people will have full access to a wonderful library of top title games. Another concern for other gaming companies is that with OnLive, the pain of long and annoying downloads become obsolete in that once logged on, games with OnLive are launched instantly.

Of course, Perlman and his impressive team have been in the technological industry for a long time so they understand the skepticism and concern being aimed their way. However, that is certainly not enough to dissuade the launch of OnLive. After all, Perlman is a man of vision, an inventor that has the skill, expertise, education, and experience backed by an “A Team” to make OnLive happen. Many other developers in the gaming industry are good but they simply are not at the same level of Perlman so it makes perfect sense that they would not understand.

For instance, with OnLive, gaming consoles are no longer needed. Instead, gamers would use a micro console and once purchased, no other console would ever be needed. This alone has raised questions in that other gaming companies simply cannot conceive how this is possible. After all, until the development of online gaming, consoles have always played a big and important role so not being able to comprehend how a person could play a game without one is mindboggling.

Even so, Perlman realizes that with OnLive working without a console, this is going to have a huge impact on makers and sellers of the device. The truth is that when a person adds up the cost of subscription, downloadable games, and expensive consoles associated with other gaming companies, online gaming becomes quite expensive but with OnLive, the subscription will be low priced and without the need of buying and replacing high-dollar consoles, people will save a tremendous amount of money.

Better yet, while enjoying huge savings, there is no sacrifice for technology, graphic quality, versatility, high-end titles, and speed. The anticipation of Perlman and his team is that once OnLive launches, third-party game publishers are going to find it difficult to support Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4 primarily because of cost. While this is a debatable scenario, the one thing that no one can deny is that the OnLive technology is changing and improving the gaming landscape, which will not only push it out front as a gaming leader but forth other gaming companies to come up with new technology and robust features.

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